Downtown Fremont Inc. partnered with two very creative artists to bring a Fremont woman’s art to the downtown for people from all over to relive their childhood of finding items in a hide and seek interactive mural

Bradley Scherzer, an art and photography teacher at Fremont Ross High School, designed the mural and had the assistance from Ken Dushane from PHYBR.  The two gentlemen brought the 3400 square foot mural to life at night on the Brady Mercantile Building.  Scherzer and Dushane worked from dusk to 5am to complete their work on the mural.  The interactive mural commemorates local artist Bernadine Stetzel who was known for her primitive style paintings of childhood memories.  Scherzer has reimagined the art in to a hidden pictures style.  There are 40 different items that can be found throughout the mural.

“I thought it would be a great idea to elevate somebody who was local,” Scherzer said as he discussed the mural.

The Sandusky County Communities Foundation Inc. was the supporter of this project through a 2018 grant that was awarded to Downtown Fremont, Inc. The mission of the foundation is to enhance the well-being of the people and communities of Sandusky County by managing permanent investments for philanthropic goals which is demonstrated through this interactive mural project.

“Stopped last night with my husband & daughter while we had our ice cream treat to check it out.  It was so very fun to look for objects.  We will have to go back again.  It was so very relaxing too,” said TJ Broski of Fremont.

A time lapse video of the mural’s creation can be found on Downtown Fremont Inc.’s Facebook Page.