The Think Fremont Community E-Card lets you enjoy your favorite restaurants, shops and entertainment in Fremont and makes the perfect holiday gift.

Fremont, Ohio – December 5, 2021 – This year, Downtown Fremont Inc. wants to encourage you to keep holiday shopping local. Small businesses are trying to weather the Covid-19 storm and need our support more than ever. The Think Fremont Community E-Card is a community-based digital gift card that makes it fun and easy to keep local spending local. Purchase a Think Fremont Community E-Card to use at any of the participating shops in the neighborhood. You can write a personal message and send this card to family, friends and colleagues via email, text, or physical copy. Recipients can spend it at any of the 35 participating merchants in Fremont. This Think Fremont Community E-Card can live on your phone or you can print it out, making it the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. Now, you can give back to your community while you enjoy the holidays!

The Think Fremont Community E-Card is the perfect holiday gift that supports your community.

 Why supporting local businesses is so important

Participating in this program means supporting the heart of what makes our community unique. The purchase of a Think Fremont Community E-Card creates a pool of cash that local businesses in Fremont can rely on. Studies have shown that local independent retailers recirculate 47% of their revenue back into the community, while only 14% of national chains’ revenue stays in the community. More dramatically, restaurants recirculate 73% of their revenue back into the community, versus only 30% for national chains.

By supporting local businesses, more money continues circulating through the local community—this is achieved through a combination of profits paid to local business owners, wages paid to local workers, goods and services procured locally for internal use or resale, and charitable giving within the community. If you’re looking for a way to do some good or want to know how you can help the community you love, send a Think Fremont Community E-Card today! For more information or to participate as a merchant in the program, please contact Downtown Fremont Inc. at 419-334-8696 or