Vendor Map for Saturday, August 15, 2020 Croghan Colonial Bank Farmers Market and Triple J Towing Things that GO Event from 9-1!  Our market is on Front Street from Croghan Street and extends to Ewing Street in front of Paramount Cinema due to Covid-19 guidelines.  Scavenger Hunts can be picked up at the Triple J Towing tent in the Front and Birchard intersection.  Visit the Things that GO exhibits in the Brady Parking Lot to see, take pics and broaden your knowledge on these different machines by getting up close and personal.  Find the clue at each machine to complete your scavenger hunt.  Turn in completed scavenger hunts to the Downtown Fremont Inc. tent at the Front and Garrison intersection to be entered into a drawing for 100 Downtown Fremont Dollars.  Come and see all we have to offer!