Vendor Map for Saturday, August 1, 2020 Croghan Colonial Bank Farmers Market and Fremont City Schools, GLCAP & The City of Fremont All Together Fremont Event from 9-1!  Our market is on Front Street from Croghan Street and extends to Ewing Street in front of Paramount Cinema due to Covid-19 guidelines.  Passports for the Tour of the World can be picked up at the Downtown Fremont Inc. tent in the Front and Garrison intersection.  Visit the 12 exhibits throughout the market to see artifacts and learn more about the different countries that make up the Fremont Community.  At each country, you will receive a sticker and when the passport is completed, turn in to Downtown Fremont Inc. tent to be entered into a drawing for 100 Downtown Fremont Dollars.  Come and see all we have to offer!